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The Popularity of Beer

Beer is actually known as the third most popular drink globally, and this blog will help readers discover why that is. Brewing techniques, flavors, and regional breweries will be discussed in entertaining, in-depth articles. Learn about beer festivals worldwide, how to serve beer, and what food it can be paired with. The history of beer and brewing dates back thousands of years. Undoubtedly, readers will be interested in finding out about the oldest breweries, some of which are still in existence today. Those who are new to drinking beer will find the tasting notes to be of particular benefit.

Top Beer Festivals in the World

6 May 2021

Beer is a classic drink, which has been in existence for centuries. For those people who want to join the beer community and enjoy this drink, some of the most popular events to attend include Oktoberfest, Qingdao International, Great American, Great British, and Czech beer festivals.

Oldest Beer Breweries in the World

31 Mar 2021

It's now almost a thousand years since the first beer was produced. That tells you how old the drink is. Some of the oldest breweries globally include Weihenstephan Brewery (founded in 1040, this is the oldest of them all), Weltenburg Abbey Brewery, and Affligem Brewery, among many others.