5 Beers You’ll Find in Every Bar in America

What are the beers you think of first when someone asks you to name the top five in America? Odds are names like Budweiser, Coors, Michelob, Schlitz, and Pabst Blue Ribbon make the list. But, are they the most popular? Let us examine the choices, look at survey results, and help find the most popular beers available.

The Humble History of Beer

Beer, that under-appreciated gift of nature, is a boon to humanity. According to historians, beer is the first drink ever produced by humans. Older than wine or alcohol, beer dates back over 7,000 years. The first signs of beer production were in Iran. The invention of beer and bread has allowed for the development of human society.

Up until the Industrial Revolution, beer was an artisanal product. It was brewed in small local breweries and monasteries. This allowed for changing from domestic to international production of brewers processes.

Now, let us examine the most popular beers in the US and see where your favorites land on the list.

Hoppiness in a Bottle (or Can)

The never-ending debate between bottle versus can is as volatile as ever. The use of aluminum cans, while better for the environment, is often a detractor to the taste of the beer.

Our first survey addresses the most popular beers from late 2020. These result from positive responses to the questions. Here are the numbers.

Brand Fame % Popularity %
Guinness 90 51
Heineken 94 50
Corona 95 49
Samuel Adams 91 56
Budweiser 96 42

Bear in mind that age, income level, and geographic location are contributing factors.

The following list is based on a survey of costs per 6 packs cans. It was conducted to learn the beers most commonly purchased based on the economy.

Brand Cost Rank
Pabst Blue ribbon $4.50 #1
Coors Banquet $5.75 #2
Schlitz $4.85 #3
Hamm´s $5.27 #4
Coors Light $5.74 #5

The next group is based on name recognition alone. These are the most recognized brands nationwide. Here are the top 5.

Brand Rank
Budweiser #1
Coors #2
Miller #3
Corona #4
Samuel Adams #5

As you can see, the variety of data makes determining THE top 5 impossible. Suffice it to say, your beer of choice is on tap.

Setting the Bar

Whether you are a corner bar person or prefer the ornate types with dance floors, your bar is your bar. It’s like Cheers! It is the place where you feel comfortable and at home. It is the place where they have your favorite brand on tap and on ice. Most sportsbooks across the country carry enormous amounts of beer for their clients - read more about sports betting in the US by clicking here!

American’s like beer. For various reasons, beer is the quintessential mainstay of gatherings across the country. Whatever your favorite brand, you can find it at most local watering holes. Please, drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.

27 Jun 2021